memories: 2003 & 2004 | Britannia | G-BYAR

This was a interesting livery, not his fridge color, but the difference of all boring same blue.

Here we can see the three liveries of Britannia, the old one, the new (and normal) one and the hybrid one (white aircrafts)...

This is my most knowned picture of white Britannia.

Old Britannia livery.


memories: 2003 JAN 06 | My Travel UK | G-PIDS

Another airliner that merge with another, and because of that, one less livery for us to enjoy...

MyTravel Airways | Boeing 757-225 | G-PIDS | cn 22195/6

Photo taken (still with my old Sony F717) at one spotting place very close to the aircrafts in the beginning of runway 23...

memories: 2004 JAN 06 | D-AHIB | Hamburg International

Today we had the come back of Hamburg International, so i remembered one of the first times...

Last time i see Hamburg International in Madeira, was the day that Patrick Lutz took that famous photo in the final approach to 05, in a Air Berlin flight. Today first time i see as Hamburg International...

Hamburg International | Boeing 737-73S | D-AHIB | cn 29083/392

You can see it with greater resolution here.


memories: 2003 JUN 02 | Excel Airways | G-XLAB

Another one that is gone, XL airways, this one was one of the first airliners that went down with this economical crisis...

Back in those days her name was Excel Airways.



memories: 2003 JUN 02 | Air Luxor

Air Luxor when it was the big competition of TAP Portugal.

One of these aircrafts a few years later went to TAP Portugal, the CS-TMW...

Photos taken with a Sony F717





memories: 2003 JUN 02 | Transavia PH-TKC

Outra fotografia do bau, é um Boeing 757-200 da Transavia, em 2003.

Alguns meses depois, com outro equipamento, já consegui fazer umas fotografias 'melhores', uma delas esteve no top das visualizações da altura, que podem ver aqui.

Menos conhecida, também tenho esta, tirada de um local que praticamente não é frequentado hoje em dia pelos spotters fotográficos.